Our Premium Signals

We D7 Traders provide 1-3 signals every day with 98% percent accuracy. We concentrate on swing trades with currency pairs and day trade, scalp with gold or xauusd. Our maximum stop loss will be at 30 to 35 pips on a scalp or day trade and 50-60 with swing trades where take profit will be at 150-200 pips. we follow strict 1:3 risk reward ratio for every single trade we post and guide our clients with the best money management strategies according to their capital. We guarantee 800 - 1000 pips every single week since we were found and we are extremely happy to serve our clients with the best signals on the best market conditions available. You can checkout the trades taken till date of our D7traders premium channel on our results page.


  • Yearly : 680$ 600$
  • Half-Yearly : 400$ 350$
  • Quartertly : 240$ 220$
  • Monthly : 125$ 110$